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In the history of the Southern Africa, it was custom for tribesmen to gather in a circle sharing umqombothi (a traditional beer) from a clay pot called ukhamba. 

The bigger pots were used for brewing the beer while the smaller ones were passed around to drink and enjoy the beer. Ukhamba was also used as currency in barter trading. Broken pots were not thrown away but used as pans for roasting ground nuts and burning impepho.

So when you are enjoying a beer with friends and strangers, you are celebrating the traditional legacy of the Southern African people. This is a tradition Ukhamba Beerworx wants to preserve.

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From the Founder: An Open Letter to Dreamers

Why I founded Ukhamba

My love for craft beer began many years back whilst I was working as a bartender in a craft beer centric bar in Cape Town, South Africa. During this time, I began brewing from home – trying various recipes from lagers, to stouts to IPA’s etc – and soon after, I realized I had a passion for making beer and I wanted to make a beer that resonated closer with my culture and heritage, I wanted to make an African beer! And just like that, the dream of Ukhamba Beerworx was born.

When I started, I had no funding, I had no business skill and, quite frankly, I felt that I’m just a regular guy. I wasn’t born into wealth. I didn’t have any special education. But I had a dream. And as I looked at my daughter one day, who was about 2-years old at the time, I realized I owed it to her to chase my dream. I owed it to her to try, so that one day she would see that, despite not having any business skills, or wealth, or anything special for that matter, Dada chased his dream and he made it.

So I founded Ukhamba for her, but today, I say to all the dreamers, Ukhamba exists for us. Ukhamba exists for people who, despite their circumstances, are bold enough to chase their dreams and crazy enough to believe that one day they may actually come true. Ukhamba exists for us.

Utywala Bethu!
Lethu Tshabangu

Our Values

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