Utywala Sorghum Saison - African Beer (Case of 24x 340ml)
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The Only Modern Beer with an African Twist

  • Unique flavours & refreshing taste
  • 100% Locally Made with Natural Ingredients
  • An Authentic African Brew

Product Details

The story of Umqombothi was never going to die - not on our watch! We took the ingredients of our beloved traditional beer (Umqombothi), blended them together with local hops and created this refreshing beer that now carries our rich history and heritage.

Utywala Bethu!


Beer Type:                   African Farm House Ale

Size:                             Case (24 x 340 ml)

ABV (alc/vol):              5%

Ingredients:                 Water, Malted Barley, Sorghum Malt & Yeast.

Brewer Notes:             Unique in every way! A refreshing farmhouse ale, with an African twist. Sorghum malt, the main ingredient used to make traditional African beer, is what gives this beer it’s unique character.  

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